What has happened so far?

The very first posts below tells about the first test setup. It’s about the moisture measurements and the irrigation. In the first step I’m measuring and watering only few plants and try to observe how fast the soil dries out. Based on those measurements I’m making notes and giving water to the plants by using miniature water pumps. Other equipment’s in the setup are moisture measurement sensor, relay for controlling the water pump and of course the main control unit; Raspberry Pi4.

I’m not going to install everything right away to the balcony. It’s winter out and I need to do the planning, studying, measurements and experiments first inside the house. The photos below are about the inside setup.

Master plan for the Automated Gardening (moisture sensing & irrigation):

1. Testing and studying inside (winter)

2. Automation tests and SW development (spring)

3. Installation to the balcony (early summer)

4. More advanced measurements and control (summer – autumn)


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